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The key to feeling rested and refreshed is to find comfortable hotels. We have collected a list of the best and most affordable hotels in every major city. All you need do is choose one, click on it, and book! You will be granted access to air-conditioning, wireless internet, a safe deposit box for your valuables, complimentary breakfast… the works! 

We have also included a list of discount rates and coupons to use if you should find yourself needing to cut costs. After the various expenses of your trip, the last thing you want to spend your money on is a hotel. We hope you enjoy using our guide, and remember: “You’re only as good as your information!”

Finding a good hotel may be hard but if you go in with the right information you will find a great deal! Here are some important things to remember before heading out to find comfortable accommodations. 

1. Hotels are not just for staying in, most of these hotels have a few extra services for travelers like room service, Internet access and/or an onsite gym. 

2. Hotel discounts are everywhere, and the best thing to do is to search the internet or ask your fellow travelers. 

3. If you’re traveling with youngsters, it’s a good idea to request a quiet room away from traffic so you can sleep through the night. 

4. Hotels by the beach are great because they offer a free towel service each morning and also include complimentary breakfast in their rooms. 

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